When visitors step into Cactus Creek Barn, they often exclaim how peaceful and serene it feels. They comment on how the pictures do not tell the whole story.

Set by a winding creek bed with a pebbled shore,
 the weathered barn comes honestly to its rustic charm.

Restored lovingly with repurposed materials and natural foraged elements, the event space stands warm and simple on the natural landscape.

If you dream of an outdoor wedding, a short walk to a grassy riverside bank will give you a unique creekside view as you say your sacred vows.

A 180 person indoor barn space and two additional covered patios provide plenty of space for all your guests.

Next to the barn, several friendly horses run in the field. They will smother you with love and make your wildest horse dreams come true.

However, Cactus Creek has more to offer than simply a peaceful spot to wed; the sense of tranquility comes from the very foundations of the barn.

With a rich history of love that survives beyond life’s end and a place that you can visit again and again as you walk through hills and valleys in your marriage, this is a legacy that you will want to join.

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Connie + Ken located Cactus Creek when they were in search of a serene barn property where they could keep their horses and share their love of equines with others.

When Connie stepped onto the property for the first time, she felt peace sweep over her and knew that this place was special. And when Connie and Ken heard the story of Bobby + Lenore, they knew that they had to preserve it's memory and pass on the beautiful love legacy.

They are most passionate about providing a place for couples to start their marriage off on the right ‘hoof’ and encouraging couples to bond deeply. To them, each wedding is a unique expression of an individual couple and they are honored to be a part of each new story.

1956 Yellow Creek Rd.
Dickson, TN 37055

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