Getting married at Cactus Creek means joining a history of true love that never dies. The legacy of Bobby + Lenore  lives on through each new marriage that begins on our pebbled shore.

To physically embody this sentiment, we encourage our couples to take part in a Cactus Creek Barn tradition. We ask couples to take a stroll along the creek and pick out a rock to decorate with a word, message, or drawing that embodies them as a couple. When they’re finished, we add the stone to our growing collection. In this way, couples can leave a little of what makes them special to bless future couples.

With rich amenities and a warm event space, you’ll feel right at home.

To learn more about the possibilities of Cactus Creek, we invite you to contact us with questions, visit our about  page, and/or schedule a private tour.

1956 Yellow Creek Rd.
Dickson, TN 37055

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